Full Stack Engineer: As VisuWall’s lead product engineer you will be responsible for working with the founders and engineering team to own the marketplace and integrations with our partners. You’ll have the opportunity to own key implementation decisions as well as be involved with the problems space to understand business needs.

Machine Learning, ML Engineer: In this role you will own the data infrastructure and pipelines for our ML platform across Computer Vision and ML modeling. You will be able to leverage additional engineering, analysis, and product management resources in order to set up the infrastructure, begin training, and ultimately deploy valuable models.

Senior Data Analyst: As a Senior Data Analyst on Visuwall’s technology team you will be responsible for facilitating access to our computer vision and programmatic data as well as help with the end to end deployment of ML models. From understanding and validating data use-cases to supporting model deployment, you will work closely with ML engineers, full stack engineers, and business stakeholders to deliver data solutions that solve real-world problems. You will have a high level of visibility and strategic access as an early member of team, and be able to contribute in tangible, meaningful ways to the success of Visuwall.

Business Development – Media Sales & Real Estate: Business Development at VisuWall means having the creativity and business acumen to identify viable opportunities that are in line with and VisuWall’s strategic goals and client objectives. In this role, you will work closely the company CEO to devise strategic planning and then you will be responsible for developing relationships with our clients, negotiating contracts and closing deals. We will rely on you to partner with our marketing department to conduct market research and develop a strategic business development plan. ** This is potentially a two-person role facing both sides of our user groups – advertising community and real estate community.

Client Services Lead: VisuWall client services manages the day to day needs of – you guessed it – the client. You will be the one to ensure the business goals meet the client needs and create training and support systems that ensure the client experience is top notch. In short, the client services lead’s main goal is to drive retention and repeat business.

Operations Lead: VisuWall operation lead is at center of the VisuWall model. This person is both in the field and on device, managing quality assurance programs, supervising, hiring, and training vendors, monitoring existing processes and analyzing their effectiveness; and creating strategies to improve productivity and efficiency.