A non-exhaustive list of terms you should know when using VisuWall.

User Account: Advertiser or Landlord (individual or entity) who has created a profile on the VisuWall platform

Advertiser: An authorized person who works at or represents the brand and who’s role is buying media

Booking: Reserving and payment for the purchase of campaign by impressions, geography and or specified KPI’s

Campaign: an organized course of action – creative and/ or strategic – to promote a product or service

Digital Placement: Still or moving creative displayed on a digital screen that is positioned in window

Flight: The schedule – that is start and stop dates – of a campaign

Landlord: Person(s) or entity who owns a property and/ or an approved representative thereof

Location: The address of a property

Loop: Refers to the sequence of images that are viewed on screen

Impressions: Estimated aggregate number of people who will see a placement during the course of a week

Placement: The space and or position of a “screen” that is available for advertising at a location

Screen: Refers to the area on which an image is displayed. A screen can be digital or static

Static: Still ad creative displayed on a vinyl creative of digital screen in window.

Property Profile: Specific elements about a location that helps an advertiser understand its media value