Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is VisuWall?

    VisuWall is a data driven marketplace that makes it easy to access vacant commercial real estate and leverages that real estate for static and/ or programmatic advertising.

  • Register for what?

    Register so we can verify your status and so that you can have access to detailed information about our inventory, receive information and updates. Don’t worry. We keep everything private.

  • I represent the property. Sign me up. How does it work?

    Easy. First, register on the platform. We’ll verify your profile and then you can submit the required information about the property through the platform. Landlords get to approve brand categories upon listing and creative direction for each campaign.

  • Pricing - How much?

    We have a proprietary pricing algorithm that defines a media rate for each property. Landlords earn a revenue share. It doesn’t cost anything to list a property, but we do ask for your commitment and to entertain any and all media opportunities that are submitted.

  • I represent the advertiser (agency). How do I book a campaign?

    Easy. Create a profile indicating “advertiser.” Be sure to include company information so that we can verify your contact information and needs. Someone from our team will respond ASAP (typically within 24 hours but often sooner). Here’s a quick snapshot of the process: (1) You target your customer, tell us where you want to be (2) You select the locations you want for your campaign based on impressions, budget or simply by the neighborhoods you choose (3) Schedule your flight (4) Send us your creative and then once you send us the creative, we’ll take it from there.

  • Do I need a permit or insurance?

    VisuWall can administer certificates of insurance for each campaign naming the advertiser and landlord as additionally insured. Permits are only administered as necessary.

  • Production - who does what?

    VisuWall will provide design specifications and design parameters for each property. Advertisers submit creative to VisuWall. VisuWall then submits the creative for printing and schedules it for installation and removal based on the scheduled flight dates.

  • I have a special project and / or creative needs. Can I get in touch?

    Absolutely! Please create a profile and submit your question to us via the platform. As a back up you can email us direct at

  • What analytics does VisuWall provide?

    Our analytics include impression and engagement metrics. Our baseline offering of analytics includes foot traffic, dwell, approximate age, gender and sentiment. Be sure to register and inquire for additional information.

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