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Who We Are

We’re committed to helping brands make real connections with their consumers… One vacant storefront at a time.

How We Do It

A new age calls for new advertising. Bring your story to a whole new audience with campaigns that combine highly-targeted creative, eye-level marketing opportunities, and real-time metrics to take your brand to the next level.

What it looks like
What you get
How We Do It

Bring your storefront windows to life with campaigns from some of the world’s biggest brands, delivering a rush of real revenue and traffic metrics. List your location to start making the most of your space.

What it looks like
What you get

Our Mission

Our mission at VisuWall is making out of home accessible and measurable with ingenuity, innovation and originality.


WE ARE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN Manhattan, Brooklyn and Los Angeles
visuwall_QA_team-photos__KOBI BW
Kobi Wu Founder & CEO

Kobi is the founder and CEO of VisuWall. With 18 years of marketing and agency experience, Kobi’s vision drives all aspects of business including product development, strategy, and operations. She went to Cal for her BA in Architecture, GA Tech for MS in Construction Management and has an MBA from NYU Stern.

visuwall_QA_team-photos__S SHAH BW
Sapna Shah Principal, Red Giraffe Advisors
Brian Brackeen
Brian Brackeen General Partner, Lightship Capital
Micha Magid
MICHA MAGID Co-Founder, Mighty Quinn's BBQ

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